About Becky May

Who am I? This is a really good question, and perhaps what this whole site is about. Who or what indeed are we all?!  But, for the purposes of having somewhere to start the discussion from, here are a few things about me.

I am a truth-seeker, endlessly curious about our mysterious existence on this beautiful but suffering planet. I am a future-thinker, very aware that our existing way of living is not only unsustainable, but painful too, and always seeking to become part of the solution for a better future. I am a highly sensitive empath – I see through the surface layers to people’s suffering and to the gorgeous light of their souls that lies beneath, struggling to break through. I am an eternal optimist and, following my own spiritual awakening over the last few years, I have faith in a divine, cosmic intelligence that is running this show. I believe we are at a really interesting phase in human evolution, whereby it seems we’re being called upon by cosmic forces to wake up and take responsibility to create a positive future trajectory for, not just our species, but our planet and all other species that depend on her. I believe everyone changes the world, just by being in it, and our every choice affects the collective.  Yet, still, history is knocking on our door, and we have an opportunity to answer the call with a conscious effort to better ourselves and, yes, to evolve. I stand for truth, justice, equality, wisdom, courageous honesty and, above all, unconditional love.

I am also a writer, documenter, chronicler.  I have journalled throughout my entire literate life and finally felt that it was a natural step to share my thoughts with the wider world. Having the courage to share my thoughts, which are very often possibly challenging to existing ways of thinking, feels like part of my evolutionary path, not to mention part of my own role in our co-creation of a healthy future.

On a more earthly realm, I earn my living as a yoga teacher, massage/reiki practitioner and an ecologist.

My aim is to provoke fresh, positive ways of thinking about the human condition and our future, to help people to understand their own power and to inspire readers to become part of a new movement towards a better future. Thank you for visiting and I do hope you enjoy exploring.