We can all change the world

We all have the power to change the world, and indeed we all do change the world by our mere presence within it. Every thought we think, choice we make and word we speak alters the course of history. And, right now, I know it’s only reflecting my own current negative frame of mind, but I am hearing so many words of negativity and feeling such a vibration of disempowerment and hopelessness coming at me from all directions. It is overwhelming. Through our current choices we are choosing a future of stasis, suffering, fear and division, maybe even regression. And I know we are better than this.

We have a birth-right to feel joy and happiness, to relish this gift of life that we all have. We have a right to do more than survive, we are here to thrive. Go outside and watch or listen to nature for a while and you will soon appreciate that it positively thrums with life, unapologetic, brazen and wilful. All other species dash joyfully out into each new day or night, working tirelessly to exist to the best of their potential, never worrying about tomorrow. Yet humans alone have lost this spark. It is still there within us, but it needs rekindling. Nature can remind us of this.

Why have we lost this spark? Probably the biggest reason is disconnection. Firstly from the true nature of ourselves, secondly from each other and thirdly from our magnificent planet and life-force, mother Earth. We are gifted with the ability to consciously know ourselves. In theory this should lift us beyond other species. But instead we’ve turned this gift into a weapon, set against not just us, but also our planet and all other species that also depend upon her. This trajectory of comprehensive destruction is tragic insanity.

But, I am not here to trigger yet more fear and foreboding. I am here with a message of hope, which is the truth that I feel beneath my illusory negativity. I sense a change in the air. A structure has to completely crumble so that it can be rebuilt anew, better than before. I think we’re at an historic moment of opportunity – there’s a rumbling undercurrent of rising awareness that we cannot continue on our current path, and soon this undercurrent will erupt into a mass renewal movement of volcanic proportions. But, before the phoenix can rise from the ashes there needs to be one hell of a fire. We’re in that incendiary world now, where it feels too much, it feels bleak and hopeless and we feel we can only be burnt away to dust. But from dust comes new life. We are the fertile ashes and the dust that will create this new future, and we get to choose how this will be. Once we allow that which no longer serves us to burn away, we will find a clean slate. We can press the restart button and start remembering what it feels like to be alive again.

For my part, I want to be part of the solution. I want to help create a joyful future where truth, love, equality and justice reign, through a realisation of the connectivity of everything. This will come about only through a mainstream recognition of the oneness of all existence. Up until now, certainly in recorded history that we are aware of, we have left such realisations to the great sages, visionaries and spiritual seekers, hanging off their words but never quite believing that we could actually attain such realisations for ourselves, every single one of us. We only need to believe that we can, then do the necessary inner work. It is simply a matter of where you place your attention and energy, and I have a sense that, if it becomes a priority for mainstream society, then the process will be hugely accelerated, through a snowball effect of momentum and mutual support.

Through utter disconnection from the truth of who we are, we have forgotten the great power that each of us wields. Each of us creates our own reality. We will blame our surroundings, circumstances and fellows for all of our woes, but at some point we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts, attitudes and behaviour, and then we will notice that the world we inhabit merely reflects this back at us. It is why a naturally optimistic person can have the exact same experience as a pessimistic person, yet the two reports of the experience will be wildly different. The optimist will focus on the positives and will even frame the negatives in positive terms and vice versa. For example, if we are content to allow graphic scenes of distress and horror to enter our living rooms each evening via the televised news, this is only reflecting back what we already feel inside us, and corroborating the world view we have chosen to create and inhabit. If you feel joyful and optimistic about life and humanity, then voluntarily viewing such traumatic, endlessly negative footage will be abhorrent and you will instead seek out joyful experiences, such as spending time in nature or connecting with treasured friends. Either way, the life you experience will continually reinforce your particular world view. It is always our choice, but we have forgotten this.

There is a huge imbalance in the current world towards a very negative, fear-based world view.  To me, this is symptomatic of a pandemic sickness that most of us are suffering deeply from. To cure yourself of the sickness is very difficult alone because of the oppressive, limiting density of the negativity that’s felt all around you. But if we collectively decide to cure ourselves it will be easy. We think we can’t do anything to solve the crisis we feel we’re in. We feel impotent, useless, pathetic, overwhelmed, we have a sense that we humans are fatally flawed and that’s that. But we fail to see that it’s those very thoughts that are creating the crisis. All we need to do is know we always have a choice. Instead, choose to focus on something happy, even if you have to summon a memory from the past, and immediately you affect the planetary imbalance of negative energy and your world will reflect this back to you if you’re observant.

It’s a new habit we must all get into.  It’s always hard changing engrained old habits but when we change together we can support each other. Our current habit is to assume the worst, to act from a place of fear, and all those other manifestations of fear, such as hate, anger, jealousy, shame, false pride, aggression, spite, harsh judgement, intolerance etc. Instead we just need to make a habit of choosing love in all its forms – appreciation, nurturing, care, kindness, compassion, empathy, laughter, joy, playfulness, gratitude etc. It sounds childishly simple, but this is how we change the world. The choice and power lies forever in our thoughts, words and actions.


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